Omega Part II: Photos & More Lists

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I thought I had more to say about this…but I really don’t. I do have more pictures, though, and it felt incomplete letting Part I just sit there implying there was more…so I’ll just toss out a few more Facts About Omega–though mind you, they are way less interesting than the ones in Part I.

Fact 1. There are many animals and the animals are Weirdly Friendly. These are the ones that came up and introduced themselves to me.

I also met a woodchuck, a flying fish,bunnies, a hummingbird, a fly that wanted to live inside my eyeball, and a firefly that came to live in my tent.

Fact 2. The lake is pretty. Others have probably reported on this fact before me.

Fact 3. The Sanctuary is serene. Even if I didn’t manage to meditate there, I felt like maybe it was possible that I could, which is something.


See? I told you it was going to be less interesting.

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