Sheep Fantasies, Also I Made Puni!

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First of all, img_20161017_134616Google tells me that the plural of puni is puni. Important grammar concerns addressed, we can now move on.

I have sheep fantasies. Or actually, fantasies about sheeps, and yes Google, I know, but isn’t it better to daydream about stepping out onto your porch one morning and looking at your lawn dotted with sheeps!!! I’m not even bothering with putting a question mark at the end of that, because obviously it’s rhetorical.

I would like to own sheeps one day. My husband would not. His reasons are solidly founded, as follows:

  1. We don’t have space for a sheep, much less sheeps.
  2. Who would end up doing all the work taking care of said sheeps? (Hint: not Nikki)
  3. Wool rot is a thing.
  4. You realize sheep cost money, right? And they won’t make us any money. There will be no keep-earning.
  5. Saying sheeps is just weird.

My reasons are equally solid, as follows:

  1. I like wool.
  2. Sheeeeeppssss!

So, for now the sheeps remain pure fantasy, but one I indulge in with some regularity. And, in an effort to bring it closer to reality, I’m trying to learn how to do the things one would do with a sheep, because nothing would be more humiliating for a sheep-owning spinner than wool rot.

Yesterday I went to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, and believe me, there will be many pictures of pretty things to come, but most usefully/uselessly, depending on whether or not the sheeps fantasy becomes reality, I learned a bit about transforming a sheep’s wool into a sweater.

When you see sheep dotting a picturesque hillside, and then you see a gorgeous sweater in a window, the two things seem only very distantly related, as if some magic were required. But, like most things, it isn’t magic, it’s just really a lot of work.

So, after three hours of my life, I can say with confidence that I know what carders do, I know what combs do, I know that a drum carder is ohmygodsomucheasier, I know that I am terrified of pickers, and I know that were I to attempt to use any of the above, I would be able to do so really, really badly.

I think more learning is required.

On the other hand, look! Rolags and strips of combed top! I made those!

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