Nevertheless, She Persisted

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A friend of mine is cross-stitching “Nevertheless, She Persisted” for me (note to self: new craft to learn!) and I’m going to put it on a pillow and lean on that pillow and therefore symbolically lean on all the persistent women that have served the rest of us so well.

I’ve written and rewritten this post five times trying not to go down this rabbit hole or that other one or that one. I wrote 500 words on how my traditional stay-at-home-mom, feminine field of work household totally Makes America Great. I wrote 200 words on Women in Science. I wrote 300 words where I celebrated refugees.

But each of those rabbit holes held so much anger, because of course, I still feel so much anger. We all do, whether we’re angry at the same things or not. I don’t expect my anger to go away, or my fear, either. But what I can do is look for rays of light–and for me, Nevertheless, She Persisted is definitely one of them. I’m also going to try to produce some rays of light, as best I can. That’s what I do, after all. That is my feminine field of work, to create pretty things and share them with everyone and say look! We made this. 

I haven’t been doing much of that lately. I haven’t even been doing much making. I’ve just been falling into one rabbit hole after another, and that’s not very Persistent of me.

Back to it, woman.


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