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I really like runes. I always have. I bought this necklace in college, and I pull it out occasionally, though my tastes in jewelry have gotten a little less on-the-nose as I’ve gotten older (i.e., I like my weirdness to be visible, but subject to interpretation, rather than  hibythewaylooki’mweirdcoolright???)

But I really don’t know much about them. The necklace says on the back that it “protects against all sorcery,” which is great and all, but I’ve never found that particular rune anywhere in my (not very dedicated) google searches. What little I do know comes from those casual browsings, and from what I’ve read in fantasy novels, which is not always a very reliable source.

I’m curious to learn more, and I will, and here’s why: runes are a very physical thing to do. This is why I like crafting. I make a thing. There wasn’t anything there (except yarn, or some fleece, or a sheep) and then I do some stuff, and then look! There’s a sweater!

I’m not much of an artist, but I can draw symbols (sort of. My handwriting is fairly awful). And I love the idea of putting something down on paper, making something concrete. It lends the magic/prayer/intention/wish specificity. It makes it grounded. It makes it real.



  1. Artist doesn’t always mean “good at rendering a likeness”. I think creating things from your brain into real life equals art!

    • Love!

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