Grandma & Me & Some Kitchen Curtains

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When I was growing up, my grandmother’s house here in Volcano had curtains under her sink, instead of shelves or cabinet doors. I always thought it looked kinda neat–it was funky and cottage-y and homemade. It was so much my grandmother. And, of course, I have very positive associations with that kitchen, as that’s where my grandma made me butter and sugar sandwiches on white bread for lunch. Yum.

Grandma passed shortly after Maile was born. Those curtains are certainly long-since molded and tattered, and anyway nobody goes into that house anymore. It’s either rented out or vacant, but none of my very large family wants to live or visit there. Grandma believed in ghosts, so who knows?

When Grandma died, she left her many sewing machines behind. This one was her favorite–but nobody wanted it. It’s a little intimidating-looking, to be sure, so neither my mom nor any of my aunties (even the one who is an amazing seamstress!) wanted to tackle it.

I left my old Elna behind in New Jersey, so I figured, hey, a free machine is a free machine, and if I couldn’t figure out how to make it do all the fancy things it can do, that’s fine. As long as I could thread it, that is…

It threaded easily, intuitively. And the first thing I made was a set of curtains for below my kitchen counter, for my kitchen too has no shelves or cabinet doors. My curtains aren’t ruffled or checkered, but they are tied to my grandmother in my mind, and made on her favorite machine.

I’m sure her seams wouldn’t have been nearly so crooked, but c’est la vie. Any grandma who made her grandkids sugar sandwiches would never judge.

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