Starting Point

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This is Joji Locatelli’s Starting Point, and it’s gorgeous. It’s knit in whatever fingering weight yarn I had lying around, in whatever colors I thought might maaaybe work, and dang. They do.

It took me forever though. I was very far behind on this MKAL–partly because whoa, that’s a lot of garter so it takes a while, and also, um, whoa that’s a lot of garter so it’s boring.

I guess I don’t really mean that. I love garter, but I’ve been

It smells a little like smoke from drying over the firepit, but…

knitting a lot of really simple garments lately…because I love really simple garments! I just don’t always love knitting them. And so two inches of garter would feel like a bit of a slog…but then there would be a color change! And it would be the most exciting thing EVER!

(It’s at moments like that when I feel like my knitting needs to get out more).

But however lukewarm I may feel about the act of knitting it, I am solidly in favor of the shawl itself. I wear it almost every day. Shockingly enough, even with such bright colors, it goes with pretty much anything. It’s light enough to be comfortable while big and dense enough to be quite warm.

I am never making tiny shawlettes again. I will resist the temptation to get away with less yarn/less time because seriously. Worth it.

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