The Light From Above

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I went walking in a cave.

Once you get past the initial glow, Emesine Lava Tube is so dark nothing can survive. It drips with roots and stalactites, and the walls are smooth as concrete from the speed with which the lava streamed through it.




Where it can, the moss grows on the rocks, a brighter green than anything you’ve seen outside of the first leaves of Spring, as if the slight amount of sunlight they get every day makes them photosynthesize faster and harder and better. It’s Olympic-level moss.

Past the moss, it’s darker than a cloudy, moonless night. You feel like your puny flashlight can never allow you to see more than the tiny speck it illuminates, that you’ll miss things, that you’ll never see the full shape of the cave. As you walk the half-mile tube, though, your eyes expand, and that tiny speck casts a glow that radiates. You can’t see details, but you can see your path.

And then, ahead, you see a shadow, or rather the opposite of a shadow–you see bright in the dark. It’s a small crack in the ceiling, a skylight. And it shines down on you like a blessing.



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