Rhinebeck WHEW

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SO MANY KNITTERS in book alley

I have never felt so and delighted to be completely claustrophic in my entire life.

I kid, I kid. But at one point, I heard a couple of women look around the room and sigh and say (and I swear, I don’t think they were being facetious): “If only more people would get into knitting.”

Seriously?! That’s a lot of knitters.





But what a joy to meet and talk with so many of us! I heard from women who had made the Maile Sweater to take their babies home from the hospital (I feel incredibly honored–and Maile herself was so pleased when I told her!)

The real question is, what will the baby wear to the second Rhinebeck?

I was so pleased to meet Beth, aka litcatknitthat, with the wee-est sweater ever!



I am DEEPLY excited about this.

And Lisa, aka lyssaszoo, who is DAMN STRAIGHT about to open a yarn store!








I did not get to do as much wandering around as I’d have liked, sadly. I pet nary a sheep, and didn’t even venture outside Buildings B & C. Somehow I still managed to bring home a lot of wool in many, many forms, though. Mostly, that was due to the assistance of my personal shopper, Regina, who ran around fetching me wool and coffee (hard to say which was more important to me at the time…)

Note the t-shirts. It was 80 degrees or something.

But there was a moment at the end of the day on Sunday, when I went absolutely stir crazy and stepped away from my table for fifteen minutes, found myself magically at the Primrose booth, and whoops! I gained really a lot of yarn and lost about $200. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach, you say? Never yarn shop when you’ve been surrounded by beautiful yarn and unable to hold and squeeze it…

It was a whirlwind trip, but it was glorious, and I was so happy to be there, to smell the mud and the wool and the maple, and enjoy the foliage, even without the crisp air that normally accompanies it.

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