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SO MANY KNITTERS in book alley

I have never felt so and delighted to be completely claustrophic in my entire life.

I kid, I kid. But at one point, I heard a couple of women look around the room and sigh and say (and I swear, I don’t think they were being facetious): “If only more people would get into knitting.”

Seriously?! That’s a lot of knitters.




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And, um, another one…

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It’s a little crazy, folks, but yes–I have a second book out. It’s called Feng Crochetand it utilizes some of the concepts of Feng Shui to provide crochet patterns for the home. Also, it has sweaters for rocks, which are inarguably awesome.


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Movement, not Moment

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I’m not done. I don’t believe any of the 3 million people who marched are done.

This is partly because, for me at least, it was a giant pain in the butt. I was on the go for 21 hours, folks. I had had an emergency root canal less than 24 hours before. I traveled by school busNow, I know that most people were waaaaaay smarter than that and rode on, like, a regular bus and so had less of a literal pain in the butt, but I imagine there was plenty of metaphorical pain to go around. It wasn’t easy, but it was just the beginning. Here it is just four days later and I’m already aghast at all the gag-ordering and refugee-blocking and homophobic justice-nominating. There is plenty of work to do.


But there is also plenty to celebrate, and we should take a moment and do that. 

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