Omega, Part I

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Omega, Part I

It turns out I was very sick. But I’m all better now, and even more so because just as I turned the corner on my bronchial/pneumonia disaster, I drove out to Omega. It was my first time, and I wasn’t there for a workshop or anything. I’d booked the trip months in advance, like a carrot on a stick, to get me through a very busy Spring and early Summer. It was meant to be a soothing experience.

But it was also meant to be an investigative, learning experience. I work with spirituality, but I don’t honestly know very much about it. Academically, I understand about energy healing and shamanism and trance meditation, but I believe it in the way I believe in religion–I don’t know what the truth is, and I have no way of knowing, so I’m just going to be respectful and knowledgeable enough to avoid sounding like an idiot.

Which is fine for most folks, and would be fine for me if I didn’t, you know, work in the world of spirituality. 

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Yellow Love

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[vimeo 92767692 w=640 h=360]


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