Ley Lines

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I’m a little bit obsessed with ley lines. This is Maggie Stiefvater’s fault (though I blame her, perhaps unfairly, for many things, including my daughter’s insistence on calling seals capaill uisce).

Ley lines are energetic tracks arcing across the world. They are often dotted with historical landmarks–Stonehenge is for sure on a ley line. You might have heard them referred to as fairy roads or corpse roads.

Here’s my understanding of them…you know how when you’re walking in a wide open space, with no particular direction or destination in mind, you’re just walking, and you feel like you ought to walk that way. Your body is at ease when you walk that specific path.

I believe, when that happens, that I’m walking a ley line.

I’m always trying to incorporate magic into my crafting, and when I saw Joji Locatelli’s Ley Lines, well…there was just no way I could avoid knitting it, and I wasn’t going to let all that ribbing deter me.

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Chandika is a ferocious Hindu goddess, one who cannot tolerate evil acts, and who slays those who commit them, without mercy.

Sometimes, we all need to bring a little Chandika into our hearts. Though we probably shouldn’t do any actual slaying, and though ferocity, intolerance, and a lack of mercy are not qualities to foster, there are times when it feels necessary, as a woman, to declare that there is a right, and a wrong.

This hat is made in that spirit, with a light, feminine color pushing out from the dark, resolute.

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Fisherman’s Brioche (Or, Sneaky Tips & Tricks)

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I started this cowl six months ago, paused to write a book on crochet, picked it up again, discovered that it had turned into a tangled disaster, spent hours detangling it, worked halfway through it, decided I didn’t like the edging (the stitches should have been slipped, not knit) ripped it allllll the way back, kept going, and finally finished it.

It’s a delightful, thick, squishy infinity cowl, worked in fisherman’s rib. I like it. It was totally worth it. I’ll offer it as a free pattern as soon as I take some decent pictures of it, so stay tuned!

But in the meantime, a question for the ages: what is the difference between fisherman’s rib and brioche?

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