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I really like runes. I always have. I bought this necklace in college, and I pull it out occasionally, though my tastes in jewelry have gotten a little less on-the-nose as I’ve gotten older (i.e., I like my weirdness to be visible, but subject to interpretation, rather than  hibythewaylooki’mweirdcoolright???)

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

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A friend of mine is cross-stitching “Nevertheless, She Persisted” for me (note to self: new craft to learn!) and I’m going to put it on a pillow and lean on that pillow and therefore symbolically lean on all the persistent women that have served the rest of us so well.

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When Equality Feels Like Oppression

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I’m just going to talk about one more moment in the Women’s March, and then I’ll be done, I promise.

This moment actually happened before the March, on the drive up. We paused at a rest area on the Delaware border, where apparently everyone decided to pause (or maybe all the rest areas were like that. Probably). I looked longingly at the line for coffee (remember, I’d been up since 4am) but it was far too long. The line for the women’s restroom snaked in circles around the building.

We had ten minutes before our bus would depart. So we decided that, today of all days, we would do what we had always longed to do–we would go pee in the men’s room.

We weren’t the only ones who had that idea. There was a line for the men’s room, too–and it was made up of one guy and about thirty women. That guy stood there patiently, but all the women were grinning. We’d never been more excited to pee in our entire lives.

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