How to Care

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This website is new, and it’s incredibly important to me. I’m trying to grow my platform, expand my audience, etc. etc. also I really like blogging etc. etc.

And yet, in this website I’m trying to launch, in preparation for launching a book–make that three books–in the coming months, I haven’t written a post in two months. This is not good launching, people.

I know this, but it’s hard to feel like my knitting is all that important these days. It’s hard to feel like the world won’t end on Friday, so how do we care about anything else?

As usual, it was my daughter who taught me how to care.

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So Just Corsets, Then

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Yesterday was a img_20160930_192601very hard day for me. Like many, many people, I felt like I was living through a national tragedy. I was afraid, I was angry, I was so, so sad. I’m still all of those things, to be honest, but at least I’ve gotten through that first, hardest day, and am now able to be somewhat articulate.

The thing is, while half the country was in shock and mourning, the other was was celebrating. And rightfully so–their beliefs and hopes for the country were sanctioned. I know how I celebrated in November, 2008, and again in November 2012. And so I know now how they must have felt on those days, because I know that, for them, Barack Obama is my Donald Trump.

I can’t understand how that can be. I don’t understand what they fear. And so I know that they must not understand what I fear, and how I can love Obama and Hillary.

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Corsets and Yoga Pants

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Like many of us, this election season has me thinking about what it means, and has meant, to be a woman. (It also has me thinking words like “rage” and “murder,” but I’ll try to set that aside for now).

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